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Deck Washing For Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces

Deck cleaning

Are you ready to get your Asheville deck back in prime condition? Then there's no better team to trust than the deck washing masters at Salamander Softwash!

Salamander Softwash is your trusted team of licensed and insured experts whenever you need dependable pressure washing in Asheville. We know there's almost nothing more relaxing than hanging out on your deck and taking in the fresh air, and that's one of the reasons we specialize in deck washing. Kicking back on a beautiful deck that's sanitized, free of slipping hazards, and sparkling clean is something everyone can afford with Salamander Softwash at their service. We love helping our customers get the most out of their homes, and no one is more dedicated than us when it comes to delivering high-quality pressure washing treatments.

If your deck has seen better days, it's time to let Salamander Softwash turn back the clock! For professional deck washing in Asheville, give our team a call at 828-775-1862.

The Benefits Of Professional Deck Washing

Deck washing is far from an expense! It's a service that's more of an investment! A clean deck is one you and your guests will enjoy far more than one that's filthy, and professional pressure washing is the best way to make that happen. Salamander Softwash uses a wide range of specialized surface cleaning systems for our deck washing service. If you have a wood deck, we'll use our tried and proven soft washing technique to eliminate any contaminants without jeopardizing any f structural materials. Do you have a vinyl or concrete deck? That's no problem either, and we have the perfect pressure washing treatment to make it look brand new again.

Want to know some of the outstanding benefits that our expert deck washing can bring to you? How about:

  • You'll have a spotless deck that will significantly enhance the overall visual appeal of your home
  • Deck washing removes stains and slipping hazards, keeping the surfaces safe to walk on and beautiful to behold
  • Our pressure washing service eliminates harmful substances that can cause color fading and degradation
  • Deck washing will disinfect your deck's surface materials, making your outdoor living space a healthier place to relax

Patio Cleaning

If it's your patio that needs to be cleaned instead of your deck - or both - Salamander Softwash has got you covered. Our pressure washing team can carefully clean every inch of your patio, regardless of the surface material. Say goodbye to eyesores such as stains, algae, and mildew with our professional patio cleaning service! Remember, when it's time to have your favorite outdoor relaxing spot returned to its pristine condition, no one can do that better than Salamander Softwash!

Pressure Washing Services You Can Trust

Salamander Softwash is the team you should call whenever you need dependable pressure washing services. Along with deck washing, we also provide superior surface cleaning treatments such as:

  • Fence Washing
  • House Washing
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Driveway Washing
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • And Much More!

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Woodfin, NC Roof Cleaning, House Wash, Ipe Deck Cleaning, and Gutter Cleanout

This Lovey home in Woodfin, NC received the complete package and was instantly transformed back to its original beauty. Check out the Black Streaks known as Gloeocapsa Magma disappear the same day as the Cleaning. Our House Wash utilizes a Low Pressure Solution to neutralize […]

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Mars Hill, NC Home Utilizes Every Service that Salamander Softwash Offers

Mars Hill, NC Home Utilizes Every Service that Salamander Softwash Offers

Salamander Softwash felt blessed to have the opportunity to make this beautiful ranch style Mars Hill home SHINE again. The services used were: Roof Wash, Gutter Cleanout, House Wash, Fence Wash, Deck Wash, Concrete Cleaning, and Gutter Brightening. What a dramatic improvement! Roof Cleaning House Washing Fence Washing Deck […]

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House Wash, Deck Wash, and Driveway Cleaning in Jupiter, NC

House Wash, Deck Wash, and Driveway Cleaning in Jupiter, NC

This Jupiter, NC home utilized Salamander Softwash's Exterior Cleaning Services. This lovely home was refreshed by a House Wash, Deck Wash, and Driveway Cleaning. At Salamander Softwash property protection and pet protection is paramount. We take extreme measures to ensure that no property […]

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