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View The Latest Pressure Washing Projects By Salamander Softwash

Brick Paver Driveway Restoration in Asheville, NC

This Biltmore Lake, NC home needed a driveway refresh. After 15+ years since the brick pavers were installed a full service restoration was in order. Unwanted organics had taken over the joints between the bricks and the natural colors were covered with grime. Salamander […]

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Roof, House, and Concrete Cleaning in Franklin, NC

We love Franklin, NC!!! This traditional wood sided mountain home was instantly refreshed after Salamander Softwash visited. This home received the everything package. The Roof, Siding, Driveway, and Stone was all cleaned and refreshed. Call us and we can refresh your home too! Roof Cleaning House Cleaning Concrete Cleaning Location: […]

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Roof Cleaning and House Washing in Burnsville, NC

This lovely Mountain Air home was instantly refreshed with a Roof Cleaning and House Wash. Everyone was delighted with the outcome! At Salamander Softwash we utilize the industries best equipment which gives us the ability to wash any residential roof. For this home, […]

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House Washing in Waynesville, NC

This awesome Waynesville, NC home was Refreshed with a House Wash. Salamander Softwash was called in to remove the pesky mold and mildew that our climate in Western NC fosters. We only use Low Pressure to Wash Houses and Roofs. Low Pressure is […]

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House Washing and Roof Cleaning in Franklin, NC

This lovely Franklin, NC home was instantly Refreshed and Restored back to its original beauty. We Cleaned the Roof, House, and removed Red Clay Stains from the stone Siding. The Black Streaks on the Roof disappear instantly. The Mold and Mildew on the […]

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Weaverville, NC Roof Cleaning and House Wash

This quaint Weaverville cabin was Refreshed with a much needed Roof Cleaning and House Wash. We loved seeing the dramatic transformation in real time. The homeowner was more than impressed with the results and so were the neighbors. Call for your Free Estimate. […]

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Franklin, NC Metal Roof Cleaning and House Wash

This beautiful Franklin, NC home was Refreshed with a Roof Cleaning and House Wash. We utilize a Low Pressure application of Solution to neutralize all unwanted organics like Mold, Mildew, and Algae. We then Rinse Clean using Low Pressure. Let us Clean for you too! […]

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Commercial Warehouse Wash and Gutter Cleanout in Weaverville, NC

Attention Business Owners!!! Customers first impressions are important. Have your building and entranceway Sparkle with Cleanliness and it will increase your customers experience. Your customers will feel impressed, comfortable, and ready to do business with you. This gigantic Metal Warehouse was Cleaned in one day […]

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Mars Hill, NC Home Utilizes Every Service that Salamander Softwash Offers

Salamander Softwash felt blessed to have the opportunity to make this beautiful ranch style Mars Hill home SHINE again. The services used were: Roof Wash, Gutter Cleanout, House Wash, Fence Wash, Deck Wash, Concrete Cleaning, and Gutter Brightening. What a dramatic improvement! Roof Cleaning House Washing Fence Washing Deck […]

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House Wash, Deck Wash, and Driveway Cleaning in Jupiter, NC

This Jupiter, NC home utilized Salamander Softwash's Exterior Cleaning Services. This lovely home was refreshed by a House Wash, Deck Wash, and Driveway Cleaning. At Salamander Softwash property protection and pet protection is paramount. We take extreme measures to ensure that no property […]

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